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The Embodied Empath

1:1 Integrative Healing & Coaching Program for empaths who are sick of the toxic cycle, 

ready to ditch the people-pleasing and start being SEEN in life and business. 

We, as people-pleasers, often dim our own light to make others comfortable + we feel guilty for taking up space and having needs. 


My mission is to help you transform from people pleasing empath, to an empowered confident empath who is fully expressed and fully alive. 


does any of this describe you? 

✓ you feel the heaviness of the world deeply - sometimes it's overwhelming 


✓ you feel exhausted around certain people

✓ other people's mood easily rubs off on you 

✓ you often feel guilty setting boundaries 

✓ you are a recovering people-pleaser, but the the tendencies still show up


✓you find yourself minimizing your needs and dimming your light so that others will feel comfortable

✓....and you're getting pretty tired. 


you might be struggling to set healthy boundaries with people in your life, or feel that you have lost your power in a relationship.


you may be dealing with an "energy vampire" or difficult relationship that is sucking your energy dry and hurting your self-esteem. 


i've been there, i've struggled with low self-esteem my whole life. i missed so many opportunities, and saw myself as second best, and sold myself short. i didn't have language for my sensitivity & empathic nature. i thought that everyone's pain was mine, and i would carry it all around with me. 

i thought that if i didn't acquiesce to everyone else's needs, i wouldn't be liked or loved.

i thought that if i had needs, wants, or desires, i would be considered "too much" - so, i became small. and small became my comfort zone. 

in 2015, i was miserable. i felt trapped my relationship, and was failing in a school program I was only doing to please my family. I was doing nothing in my life for ME, and was completely exhausted. I became depressed, anxious, and self-destructive. 

my awakening...

and then I got into a car accident on the way to my friend's wedding (I was a bridesmaid).

In my healing journey from the accident, I stumbled upon a Reiki level 1 class which 

changed everything for me.  

every wall in my life crumbled to pieces (but in a good way). everything broke down & broke open for me to examine, and i've spent the last 5 years healing, and practicing loving myself through it. I discovered my sensitivities are my gift to share, and becoming a healer & coach is exactly what i'm supposed to be doing, so i can help others, like you, connect to their gifts too. 


 I AM a highly sensitive empath and f*cking proud of it! I want you to know you are not alone in how you feel. 

you don't have to change who you are. 

your sensitivity is a gift, and you can embody your power & confidence, and still be empathic, sensitive, and caring. 

you can hold space for others without feeling like you have to manage their emotions.

It's time to take your power back and confidently set clear boundaries so you can start living your life with more peace and you can honour your gifts and your purpose




 I feel you. 

my story... 

"i thought that if i didn't acquiesce to everyone else's needs, i wouldn't be liked or loved.

i thought that if i had needs, wants, or desires, i would be considered "too much" - so, i became small... and small became my comfort zone."

about me

"I'm more confidently able to set/create boundaries (and stick to them!) in my life. In doing this I've felt more confident speaking my truth, doing what is best for ME, and still respecting others while I do so"

-Mel, Coaching Client


"My sessions with Lex went far beyond what I could have ever expected!"


"Lex is so incredible at holding space. I remember the first time I met her on Zoom for a consultation, I imediately felt comfortable, supported and loved by this human. She has such a gentle yet powerful presence that was a role model for the kind of energy I needed to cultivate within myself. She helped me step into my own power in a way I couldn't have imagined when I started my healing journey.

It really felt like the journey was up to me, and Lex was there to support and guide the path I chose. How empowering! The accountability and leadership, which is something that is rare in a clinical setting in my experience, was such a big take away for me. From this I learned to create my own support system within myself, which was crucial for my healing to take place.

While I was a bit hesitant with Zoom/a virtual therapy environment at the beginning, I was blown away by how strong the connection, and the energy, was during our calls."

-Lauren Bernardi, Empath Coaching Client 


bi-weekly coaching calls. 

this is where the transformation happens! powerful 60 minute calls where we get deep into your core issues, and set action plans integrate into your life. 

option for 3 or 6 month program

weekly reiki healing intuitively guided for you. 

everyone looks forward to these! calming energy maintenance sessions to help you release blocked energy, and feel balanced every single week. 

30 minute weekly distance reiki healing.

additional meditations, tools, and resources to support your transformation. 

I will teach you tools to protect your energy, set boundaries, and stand firm in your power. I'll recommend books + resources to support you.

intro session

or book an intro session 

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