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My sessions with Lex went far beyond what I could have ever expected!


Lex is so incredible at holding space. I remember the first time I met her on Zoom for a consultation, I imediately felt comfortable, supported and loved by this human. She has such a gentle yet powerful presence that was a role model for the kind of energy I needed to cultivate within myself. She helped me step into my own power in a way I couldn't have imagined when I started my healing journey.

It really felt like the journey was up to me, and Lex was there to support and guide the path I chose. How empowering! The accountability and leadership, which is something that is rare in a clinical setting in my experience, was such a big take away for me. From this I learned to create my own support system within myself, which was crucial for my healing to take place.

-Lauren Bernardi, Empath Coaching Client 

"My path always seems to cross with Lex at the exact moment I need her guidance and expertise, I've seen her both in-person and virtually (distant healing) and have had profound energy releases during both sessions. I had my reservations of distant healing, not sure if it would be the same experience, clearly I thought wrong, the moment our virtual session started and Lex naturally (as she does) held space for me to share it all began to flood out of me which shocks me every time; her innate ability to make me feel so comfortable that I pour my emotions out (which is rare).


During the energy healing portion I felt different sensations and energy moving as she worked through my chakras and was shocked as she was so far away from me, clearly energy needs no physical to work its magic. I highly recommend a distant healing session with Lex especially during these uncertain times, it is the perfect remedy of connection and release for your inner-self."

-Cassandra Vantriet 

"I followed Lex on Instagram for a year before I signed up for Reiki Level 1 and that is where my healing journey began. Lex’s healings were so much more than I expected, encompassing all aspects of my being. Her intuitive touch and gentleness made me feel cared for. Her openness and ability to hold space allowed me to feel safe and open my heart and begin to heal trauma from childhood. 

I quickly joined as a monthly member because life can be busy and I don’t always make time for myself. Especially for selfcare. It’s the perfect gift to myself. I love in-person healings but a distance healing with Lex is just as powerful and beneficial as in-person, and the best part is I get to be at home in my cozy bed and often end a healing with a quick nap!"

-Laura Wilson, Monthly Member 

"Through Reiki and coaching, Lex has changed my life and helped me along my spiritual journey. I was feeling lost in my career and Lex helped me hone in on how I wanted to feel. She opened my mind to following my intuition and helped me find the courage to completely change my career."


- Megan Wallace 


"I felt called for a session because of an emotionally heavy past month. I felt a lot of tightness in my chest and a weight on my shoulders which I knew I was ready to release but needed support in letting go.


Lex made me feel so incredibly supported and the entire experience  far exceeded my expectations. I left feeling like I shed something I had been carrying for far too long and I woke up the next day with a new sense of clarity on what that block was.


I feel like I'm seeing myself with new eyes. Beyond grateful for Lex and her gifts! 

-Kristy Vail, Reiki client


“I started Reiki with Lex a year ago when I was looking to reduce stress and anxiety in my life, and it has been life changing. During the first session I felt centred and at peace, and I left feeling noticeably energized and lighter. I now continue reiki to maintain a balance of energy, positivity and to simply feel my best. For me, Reiki with Lex resulted in a greater sense of purpose and productivity in my personal and career life. Lex is the perfect mix of compassionate and professional and I cannot recommend her enough to improve mental and physical health!”

-Sarita Shrivastava


“Reiki with Lex has been one of the greatest experiences I’ve had in a long time. I started following her on Instagram and her posts were really speaking to me. Most of the time she literally read what I was going might sound cheesy but it’s true. I contacted her for Distance healing as she is in Vancouver and I’m in the UK. Well, it turned out to be as expected - an amazing experience. I felt the connection, and during the session, I was feeling energy through my body and her feedback corresponded exactly to what was happening in my life. It was shocking as we don’t know each other, but she said we are all connected and can feel energy even miles away from each other. Thank you, Lex!”

-Julia, UK, Virtual Reiki Client 

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