healing & coaching for empaths

& highly sensitive people

you feel the energy of the world deeply - sometimes it's overwhelming 


you feel exhausted around certain people

other people's mood easily rubs off on you 

you often feel guilty setting boundaries 

you are a recovering people-pleaser, but the the tendencies still show up


you find yourself minimizing your needs and dimming our light so that others will feel comfortable

....and you're getting pretty tired. 

is this you?


you might be struggling to set healthy boundaries with people in your life, or feel that you have lost your power in a relationship


you may be dealing with an "energy vampire", or difficult relationship that is sucking your energy dry and hurting your self-esteem. 

I feel you!


and there is nothing wrong with you.

your sensitivity is a gift, and you can embody your power & confidence, and still be empathic, sensitive, and caring. 

you can hold space for others without feeling like you have to manage their emotions.

It's time to take your power back and confidently set clear boundaries so you can start living your life with more peace and clarity...so you can honour 

your gifts and your purpose. 

my coaching is uniquely designed for you, the sensitive, empathic soul, who is sick of people-pleasing and ready to make an empowered shift. 


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    reiki energy


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    empath empowerment coaching


I'm so happy you're here. 

I'm Lex - Reiki healing was the gateway to help me connect with my confidence and shed the blocks that were in the way of me sharing my light and my gifts.  


Now, I specialize in working with Empaths, People-Pleasers and Sensitive souls.

I love working with people who feel like they are constantly "managing" other's stuff because they can't help but feel their energy/mood at any given time. I know how this feels - I've been an Empath and People-Pleaser most of my life!

My mission is to help you find your confidence to set those boundaries without guilt and worry. 


as well as heal the anxiety, overwhelm, energetic cording, toxic relationships, and stress so you can get clarity and live out YOUR purpose, and be free.

If you're feeling the nudge to work with me, book a free guidance call! ~Lex 

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© 2020 Alexis Anderson 

Lex would like to acknowledge that where she works is on the unceded ancestral land of the Squamish, Musqueam, and Tsliel Waututh Nations.

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