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Shift from suffering in silence to self acceptance and liberation to express yourself so you can feel the freedom to be you in a healthy and loving relationship.

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hi! i'm lex 

I'm here to help you shed the energy blocks & people pleasing so you can finally be 100% YOU in your relationships + business.

what if you could be free from feeling heaviness from other people's energy all the time and just be you

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the empowered empath has learned how to set boundaries, manage their sensitivities, and not get lost in other people's energy. they don't feel a responsibility to fix others. they have their power back. they see that being an empath is a gift, not a burden.

the empowered empath

"I felt called for a session because of an emotionally heavy past month. I felt a lot of tightness in my chest and a weight on my shoulders which I knew I was ready to release but needed support in letting go.


Lex made me feel so incredibly supported and the entire experience  far exceeded my expectations. I left feeling like I shed something I had been carrying for far too long and I woke up the next day with a new sense of clarity on what that block was.


I feel like I'm seeing myself with new eyes. Beyond grateful for Lex and her gifts! 

-Kristy Vail, Reiki client



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“I LOVE working with you. It's the day I look forward to the most all week.


Your insights, guidance and support are delivered with so much love and positivity. Your gifts are powerful and so healing. I'm so grateful for you!" Xo mel auger, coaching client 

"Through Reiki and coaching, Lex has changed my life and helped me along my spiritual journey. I was feeling lost in my career and Lex helped me hone in on how I wanted to feel. She opened my mind to following my intuition and helped me find the courage to completely change my career." - Megan Wallace 


your sensitivity is a gift, and you can embody your power & confidence, and still be empathic, sensitive, and caring. 

you can hold space for others without feeling like you have to manage their emotions.

It's time to take your power back and confidently set clear boundaries so you can start living your life with more peace and you can honour 

your gifts and your purpose. 

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you're in!

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Lex would like to acknowledge that where she works is on the unceded ancestral land of the

Squamish, Musqueam, and Tsliel Waututh Nations.

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