heal your anxiety naturally, clear negative energy, and gain clarity so you feel like your authentic, beautiful self.  

"Through Reiki and coaching, Lex has changed my life and helped me along my spiritual journey. I was feeling lost in my career and Lex helped me hone in on how I wanted to feel, open my mind to following my intuition and help me find the courage to completely change my career."


I'm so happy you're here. 

I'm Lex - Reiki healing is my main jam, and I specialize in working with Empaths and Sensitive souls, because I'm one too! 

I love working with people who feel like they carry other's emotions and heavy energy, because I know how it feels, and I know how to clear it. 

My mission is to help you heal anxiety, overwhelm, energetic cording, toxic relationships, and stress so you can get clarity and feel like your authentic self. 

If you're still unsure, book a free coaching call with me and let's figure it out! ~Lex 

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DM @reikiwithlex
call/text: 778-288-9985
e-mail: contact@reikiwithlex.com


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